Chef George Vutetakis is an award-winning vegan chef/restaurateur  who, since the early 1980s, has been an integral part of the plant-based food revolution.  As a consultant in food manufacturing, he applies his culinary expertise to clean label, organic and plant based products.

George is a recognized leader in plant-based food manufacturing and regenerative soil-to-shelf applications. He has broad experience with scaled CPG ecosystems and vertically integrated agriculture-to-consumer product design. 

Chef George led the R & D team at Garden Fresh Gourmet, and, until recently was a director of plant-based food design at Campbell Fresh as well as a member of Campbell’s global science and technology team. George’s experience includes multi-process food design for thermal, cold-chain and food service applications.  His business acumen is supported by a well developed network and the entrepreneurial approach he brings to each project.

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Chef George Vutetakis

Plant-based food design